Shipping wheelmark mattresses around the globe

We turn your cabins into the best place to re-energize on board. Our mattresses improve the days and nights of over 20.000 passengers and crew members sailing around the globe.

Empowering passengers and crew members

We are the primary mattress supplier to many of the worlds’ leading names in the marine industry. Together with our customers we strive to optimize every experience on board. We re-energize crew members and empower passengers to enjoy their travels by providing a good night’s rest.

Our team is available to support you every step of the way: from handling logistics to optimizing procurement. Making sure your shipment of wheelmark mattresses is right there when you need it. All the products we deliver are tested and certified, this encompasses IMO and SOLAS standards. Exclusively high-quality fire retardant materials are used in the production process.

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Shipping worldwide

Delivering all quantities

Anywhere from one mattress to over a thousand: we’ve got you covered.

Two-year warranty

All mattresses come with a two year warranty for any defect.

Vacuum packed for efficient transport

Mattresses are shipped economically by vacuum packing the product.

A good night lays the foundation for a great day.

Over a third of the time spent on board is committed to sleep. A great night is as indispensable to having a good day, as oxygen is to life.

Turning high-quality materials into affordable designs, we make sure your passengers and crew wake up fully energized without the traditionally corresponding costs. 

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