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Delivering affordable and premium-grade certified marine mattress- and bedding solutions to the most prestigious organizations in the marine industry.

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Based in the Netherlands, we are a certified supplier of wheelmark-approved mattresses. Our extensive range of products boasts IMO & MED certifications, encompassing marine mattresses and bedding items.

Our commitment to safety and quality is evident in the construction of our marine mattresses, as we utilize top-tier fire-resistant materials, ensuring both safety and environmental responsibility. Years of invaluable experience in the industry have honed our expertise, enabling us to employ cutting-edge production methods for greater efficiency and productivity.

When you choose our marine mattresses, you can look forward to an indulgent and tranquil night’s sleep. Designed with ergonomics in mind, our cruise ship mattresses optimize your sleep quality while at sea, guaranteeing a restful experience.

Exceptional comfort

Comfimat offers a comprehensive product range featuring a variety of sizes, material combinations, and dimensions to cater to your specific needs. Our marine bedding for marine mattresses is available in a wide array of colors, allowing you to customize your maritime sleeping experience.

Our customer-centric approach ensures that we not only assist our clients with their demands but also diligently work to meet their exact requirements. Our high-quality marine mattresses can be tailor-made to perfectly align with your needs. Our product lineup encompasses passenger mattresses, crew mattresses, and marine bedding, all crafted with the goal of enhancing comfort at sea.

Furthermore, we specialize in the production of wheelmark-certified mattresses, designed to optimize your sleeping solutions while aboard a cruise ship. With Comfimat’s cruise ship mattresses, you can look forward to an exceptionally restful night’s sleep.

Custom designed mattresses

At Comfimat, we emphasize health, safety and the environment. Thus, all of our IMO mattresses and bedding solutions are produced in an environmentally friendly way. Our team delivers the highest possible standards while caring for our customers and their mattresses. The mattress for marine purposes is designed to be used on any type of ship bed including slatted beds, box spring beds and even metal frame beds. We are known for being the primary supplier of mattresses to many of the world’s leading names in the industry. To ensure we produce high-quality mattress marine, we incorporate the changing expectations and requirements to deliver quality products for our customers.

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We are the primary supplier of mattresses to many of the worlds’ leading names in the marine industry. Our committed team is driven night and day to deliver the highest possible standards and care for our clients and their certified mattresses at sea. Comfimat’s purpose is to improve life at sea by increasing the sleep quality, ranging from an energetic day at work to having the feeling of ultimate luxury at a high-end cruise. Due to vacuum packing, the mattresses can be economically shipped worldwide.

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Over 300.000 mattresses and beds leave our factory each year.

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Mattresses are shipped economically by vacuum packing the product.

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Our own line of IMO/MED certified crew mattresses are perfect for every industrial sleeping solution at sea. Turning high-quality materials into affordable designs. This innovative mix ensures employees to wake up fully energized without the traditionally corresponding costs.

The Comfimat Guest mattresses stand for exceptional comfort on board to assure a serene and calm night for your passengers or yourself. Perfect for a high-end international cruise line or a captain’s crew.

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