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Improving comfort at sea.

Delivering affordable and premium-grade wheelmark certified mattresses at sea and bedding solutions to the most prestigious organizations in the marine industry.


Luxurious relaxation in our mattresses

A stable and calm sleep can be hard to come by when you are at sea. Worry no more because we have found the solution. Here at Comfimat, we aim to improve comfort at sea. Our products are certified with the IMO and SOLAS standards and they consist of marine mattresses and beddings. The IMO ship mattress will take your comfort to a whole new level. We have every type of marine mattress and beddings, it is up to you to choose the one that will best suit you. All IMO ship mattresses are comfy and designed to optimize your sleeping at sea.

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We succeed when you win

Our products, designed for you

We’re more than a supplier, we’re a partner.
We are the primary supplier of mattresses to many of the worlds’ leading names in the marine industry. Our committed team is driven night and day to deliver the highest possible standards and care for our clients and their certified mattresses at sea. Our purpose is to improve life at sea by increasing the sleep quality, ranging from an energetic day at work to having the feeling of ultimate luxury at a high-end cruise. Due to vacuum packing, the mattresses can be economically shipped worldwide.


Our own line of IMO/MED certified Marine mattresses, perfect for every industrial sleeping solution at sea. Turning high-quality materials into affordable designs. This innovative mix ensures employees to wake up fully energized without the traditionally corresponding costs.


The Comfimat Passenger mattresses stand for exceptional comfort on board to assure a serene and calm night for your passengers or yourself. Perfect for a high-end international cruise line or a captains crew.


Comfimat offers a wide rang of marine bedding. We offer products in every color and dimension. Our solutions are complementary to the great mattresses we offer.

Our sleeping solutions are shipped worldwide

Comfimat delivers its solutions worldwide. All the products we deliver are tested and certified, this encompasses IMO and SOLAS standards. Exclusively high-quality fire retardant materials are used in the production process. Our innovative production method ensures that we manufacture more efficiently and productively.
Trusted by industry leaders for over 30 years.

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