Comfimat Cruise


Type:                           Pocket & Memory Foam

Coil count:                  500 per m2

Foam:                            Visco

Density:                        45 kg/m3

✔   Fire retardant materials
✔   Safety tested 
✔   Optional washable cover

Description of mattress

The Comfimat Cruise Passenger mattress offers a luxurious sleeping experience, the perfect solution for every passenger. Innovative materials are used in creative ways to assure the best possible good night’s rest. A top layer of Visco foam eliminates counter-pressure, resulting in a better blood circulation and regeneration of the body. The springs offer top-quality support to prevent or ease backache. Having an open structure ensures a great air circulation and serves as an escape route for sweat and moisture. 

Customize your mattress

If your project requires a different height, size, thickness or density – let us know. We will be happy to customize the mattress for you so that it will suit your requirements.

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