Comfimat Cruise


Type:                           Pocket & Memory Foam

Coil count:                  500 per m2

Foam:                        Visco

Density:                          45 kg/m3

✔   Fire retardant materials
✔   Safety tested 
✔   Optional washable cover

Description of mattress

The Comfimat Cruise Passenger mattress offers a highly luxurious sleeping experience, the perfect solution for every passenger. The most innovative materials are used in creative ways to assure the best possible good night’s rest. The top layer of Visco foam posseses the ability to eliminate counter-pressure, resulting in a better blood circulation, regeneration of the body and peace of mind. The springs offer top-quality support to prevent or ease backache. The open structure ensures a great air circulation and serves as an escape route for sweat and moisture. On top of that, the coils are being held together with cactus fibers instead of cotton feld. Making the mattress environmentally friendly and durable.